Interpolation Results

ArcGIS was used to create grids by interpolating from seagrass sample data for all available years in the study. These grids were used to create the map images available for download on this site. Results include seagrass coverage and abiotic variables such as salinity. Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and isotopic analyses are not included in these results.

Raw Data from Tier 2 Sampling Effort

Data and metadata are archived at NCEI. Select datasets are also linked directly below.

Raw CTD Data

This includes the HOBO conductivity and temperature data for 3 of the 4 stations shown in the map below.

Download Raw CTD Data

Congdon MS Thesis Data: The effect of hurricane force winds on seagrass abundance and sediment physicochemistry

This dataset contains raw TIER 2 sampling data from 2015 and 2017 for Texas coastal waters related to seagrasses. Data and metadata are archived at NCEI.